Pokemon Go Plus WristBand Information

July 20, 2016 at 11:05 AM in Gaming News with no comments
Pokemon Go Cover 1


Check out what the tiny Pokemon Go Plus could do.

Such a tiny little thing, the Pokemon Go Plus is a stand alone peripheral device for the game. It has been found out that the wristband will be available at $34.99. It will also connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

This tiny thing will give you some alerts depending on what it is on your space. It will tell you if a Pokemon is nearby (however, only the Pokemon that is already in your Pokedex) or nearby Pokestop. You can actually catch a Pokemon with the Pokemon Go Plus band. Pokemon Go Plus


Size: 46x33x17.5 mm Weight: 13 grams Worn as: a bracelet or a button Powered by: Lithium ion button cell Alarm Function: Vibrates and Flashes Action Button: To capture a Pokemon

The Pokemon Go fever is getting hotter and hotter! Especially with this new add-on. Nintendo will be releasing the Pokemon Go Plus and it has been said that the pre-orders for this tiny thing has been overwhelming.