Possible Doom VFR Support For PlayStation Aim Controller

November 1, 2017 at 6:34 PM in Gaming News with no comments
DOOM VFR Could Support Cover


According to the US PlayStation Store product page, a Doom VFR support for the PlayStation Aim Controller could possibly be available.

The description of the game Doom VFR in the US PlayStation Store said that the game can be played with a regular DualShock 4 controller but your game experience can have “enhanced play with 1 PS VR Aim Controller” or “enhanced play with 2 PS Move Controllers”. So, if you have the DualShock 4 controllers that is still fine, but if you would want a level upped experience the PS VR Aim Controller or PS Move Controllers would be great!

This announcement, however, is yet to be confirmed by Bethesda and Id Software. However, if this is true, a game like Doom VFR will surely benefit from the PlayStation Aim Controller.

DOOM VFR Could Support

Welcome to the virtual reality version of Doom with Doom VFR. Here you will play as the only human survivor whose consciousness has been implanted into an artificial brain matrix. This gives you the ability to control any robot that is around you. You are tasked to bring back the operations of the space station that is full of demons. Get to imagine what damage you can do with a PlayStation Aim Controller when you kill the multitude of demons.

All the blood, gore, fun and excitement of Doom VFR will come to you by December 1, 2017.


December Will Bring Us DOOM In Virtual Reality DOOM VFR Bethesda posted some amazing screenshots of Doom VFR. A trailer has also been launched since the game will be launching very soon.