PUBG’s New Trailer Features Erangle’s Lore

July 17, 2019 at 12:55 AM in Digital Download News with no comments

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Just like Respawn and Apex Legends, PUBG Corp also is starting to make a backstory for the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This can be seen in the game’s Season 4 where we are able to notice changes to the map of Erangle that will be parallel to the story that the game is supposed to have.

Actually, the story is not very complicated. The story starts out as Erangle being invaded in 1965. Because of all the carnage, only one young boy was able to survive. The boy then wants to share his journey by having one hundred people go against each other and have only one survivor.

Get to watch the cinematic trailer below:


Ts Jang the exclusive producer and head of development also posted a video update that includes what players are able to expect from Season 4. Watch that video below:

Because of the new story, the Erangle map has received some changes. The makeover includes the rework of some major areas as well as improvements on some buildings, signage, and terrain.

Also, a new Survivor Pass called Aftermath will be launching. This will have a “cooperative mission system” where players are able to work with others in order to finish a milestone and reap its rewards. Another thing is that players can now swap out up to 3 daily missions for free, daily purchases for a new set of daily missions can be done for 1,500 BP but only after finishing the first three.

A vehicle rebalancing will also be done as well as other offers, tweaks, and fixes. And the Update Naming Scheme will now be the Season number dot the chronological release. So what this means is that the very first update for Season 4 will be Update 4.1.

Get to check out the complete details of the update here.

PUBG Season 4 will be arriving on July 23 PDT for PC and on the 24th in Europe. This new season will be available for 12 weeks.