Reasons On Why You Should Purchase WoW Legion Now!

August 4, 2016 at 6:30 AM in Gaming News with no comments
WoW Legion cover


Get access to the Demon Hunter Class if you pre-purchase WoW Legion as early as August 9th.

Blizzard has stated in a tweet that Demon Hunters will be available to everybody if you pre-purchase WoW Legions.

Pre-purchase the game before August 30, the game’s official release date. And you will get access to the Demon Hunter Class. This will be available for seven days (early access). It will be a definite plus for you since Demon Hunters are a very high class. The seven days available will give you the chance to level up this class to 100. Buying the game early will also allow you to immediately boost one character to 100.

Not only will you receive the Demon Hunters with this expansion. You will also receive the Demon Hunters with this expansion. You will also receive a raise in the level cap to 110 as well as introduce a new continent called Broken Isle and so much more.

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