Quake Champions Possibilities: Free-to-play or Paid

August 9, 2016 at 9:24 PM in Gaming News with no comments
Quake Champions cover


The game developers are still deciding whether Quake Champions should be free-to-play or not.

Tim Willits, the head of id Software recently had an interview with PC Gamer. Willits mentioned that they are not yet sure whether they would want to release the game as a free-to-play or a paid game. Willits stated that it is a “really hard problem”.

The Quake Champions was introduced to everybody during the QuakeCon last June. It will have a very fast paced, action packed gameplay.

Right now they have not yet made any specific decisions. “So for us, were trying to figure out exactly what people want more of and new they perceive it…And I’m not even trying to be cagey! It’s not like we know and, just aren’t trying to tell anybody; we don’t know and we’re still trying to figure this out.”

2017 is the targeted launch date. And a beta will be available the same year. Right now this is a PC release only. We have to wait for further announcements for consoles.

Quake Champions 2

We shall inform you and we get information about what has been decided. Would you rather have this as a free to play game or a paid game share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



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