Quick Guide | How to find the best price on G2A.com

November 6, 2014 at 3:11 PM in Digital Download News with 2 comments

Confused on the prices you see on our website vs. on what’s published on G2A.com? Worry not, ‘coz this quick guide will show you how you can purchase your game at the best price as indicated on our price comparison page.

Take a look at our example below on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Our price comparison displays the price on G2A as $13.13 ($12.74 if you use the special 3% off coupon: ALLKEYSHOP). This price includes $1.25 for G2A Shield.


If you click on the SHOP NOW button and redirected on G2A’s CS:GO page, you might see that the price is different than what’s published on our website. G2A.com displays the price according to its SELECTED OFFER.


To get the game at the price indicated on our price comparison page, simply click on the BLUE DROP-DOWN BUTTON beside the price on the game’s page on G2A.com and select the price that’s published on our website.