Quick Guide | How to find the best price on Kinguin.net

November 6, 2014 at 3:02 PM in Digital Download News with no comments

Greetings, awesome people! We have created this quick guide for you in case you get confused between the price indicated on our price comparison, and the price published on Kinguin.net. You might be wondering why there is a price difference on Kinguin.net when you get redirected from our website. That is because Kinguin shows the price based on the highest-rated store on their website.

Take our Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare price comparison as an example. As of this writing, the best price published for CoD Advanced Warfare is at $52.52 ($52.94 if you use the special 3% coupon: ALLK2014).

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Digital Download Price Comparison

If you click on the SHOP NOW button and you’re redirected to Kinguin.net’s CoD Advanced Warfare page, you will see a different price featured on their page. The price displayed is that of the highest-rated (Kinguin Recommended) store on their site.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Steam Key Call of Duty

To get the game at the best price published on our website, simply scroll down and select the price on the top of the list located just below the Kinguin Recommended section.