Rainbow Six Siege Has New Operators in Operation Dust Line

April 26, 2016 at 10:05 AM in Gaming News with no comments
Rainbow Six Siege_042516-02


Rainbow Six Siege has two new operators for you!

During the Rainbow Six Pro League finals at ESL Main Stage at PAX East. Details were announced for the second out of the four content releases of the game.

This new content update is called Operation Dust Line. This will have two new characters that will be part of the counter-terrorist unit. The two new operators are Valkyre and Blackbeard, one female and the other male. Valkyre, the female, has a defensive role while Blackbeard, the male, is an attacker and both of them came from the Navy Seals.

Valkyre is armed with a powerful SPAS-12 shotgun and has the ability to deploy sticky cameras that will allow her team to get access to video information this can be used for the team’s advantage. Blackbeard will be using a mighty Desert Eagle as well as shield that is mounted to his gun.

If you have bought the Season Pass for Rainbow Six Siege you can get instant access to the two new operators by May 9th. Keep it here for more information about Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dust Line.

Expect the third content release for the game by July 2016.

Are you excited for Rainbow Six Siege’s new content update and new operators? Let us know in the comments below.