Redeem a Game With Points – The Right Way!

September 17, 2014 at 10:41 AM in Rewards Program with 7 comments

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Whether you’re a newbie in our Rewards Program, or a seasoned Cheapdigitaldownload Rewards Master, there are times when you simply get confused (and frustrated) on why the game you redeemed has not reached your inbox by the time you expect it to be there. Worry not! This guide will tell you a sure-fire way to redeem that awesome game from our Rewards Catalog and get into gaming mode in no time. 😉

Redeeming a game from our Rewards Catalog is really easy. However, there are instances when some users simply click on buttons and do not really pay attention with what’s going on with their screen, so let’s take a refresher on the Game Redemption Process and also point out the important things you need to triple-check before proceeding. 🙂


STEP ONE: Visit the Rewards Catalog

The only games you can exchange with points are those listed in our Rewards Catalog. That is a perpetual rule. The game redemption process has to go through our Rewards Catalog System in order for you to get a game. To check the list of free games you can redeem with your points, click on the Rewards Catalog Icon found at the bottom of your screen.

Visit the rewards catalog

STEP TWO: Browse the Catalog

Once you’re in our Rewards Catalog, you can simply browse and choose the game you want to redeem – that is, if you’ve got the required amount of points and if the game is still in stock. In cases when the game you want to redeem is currently Out of Stock,  you have to wait until it gets re-stocked by the Rewards Team.

To view more details about the game – such as the online platform you can activate it on- click on the game’s image. Once you’re ready to place your order, simply click the Add to Cart button. The Add to Cart button can be found either on the Catalog’s main page (where all the games are listed), or within the game’s page (after clicking on the game’s image). After clicking on the Add to Cart button, a View Cart link will appear. Click on View Cart to proceed to the next step.

Browse the catalog

STEP THREE: Your Shopping Cart

Clicking on the View Cart link will direct you to the Cart page. The page will show the details of the game you ordered such as: Title of the Game, amount of points, and quantity. Once you find every detail correct, click on Proceed to Checkout to place your order.

Your Shopping Cart

STEP FOUR: The Checkout Page

In the Checkout Page, you will be asked for your details such as your EMAIL ADDRESS. This is where the delays in processing of orders usually start. By default, the system enters the email address in your profile (the one that’s connected with the Facebook/Google account you used to connect to the program). Some users (for a very strange reason) do not have valid email addresses in their profiles, or the email address connected with their Facebook/Google accounts do not work anymore. In cases like these, we highly suggest that you triple-check the email address that’s indicated on the Email Address box on the Checkout Page.

Our Rewards Team will not attempt to contact you in case your email address is not valid, or is the wrong one, or is the one you’re not using. They will only send emails to the email address indicated on the system once you’re done placing your order. For those with invalid email addresses in their profile (such as those using an domain, your order will remain pending and won’t be processed). So, again, we suggest you either update your profile information, or manually enter a valid email address on the Email Address box in the Checkout page.

The Checkout Page

After making sure all the details are correct, click on Place Order.

STEP 5: Success! Take note of your Order ID

After successfully placing your order, you will be directed to a page where it lists the details of your order. Take note of your Order ID. You can use it in case you have questions about your redemption.

Take note of your Order ID


*You will receive a confirmation email about your order from our Rewards Team within 24 to 48 hours. In cases when there are a huge number of people who redeemed games, the confirmation email may take a slightly longer time to be sent to you.

*We order CD keys from our supplier by the batch, so we also have to wait until they send the CD keys to us. As soon as they deliver the CD keys to us, we will send the CD key you ordered to your email.

That’s it! We hope this guide will greatly help you when redeeming a game from our Rewards Catalog. Good luck!

Don’t forget to place a comment below, and tell us about your experiences when redeeming a game from our Rewards Program. Our Rewards Team is here to also help you in case you’ve got questions. 🙂

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