Redesigned Overwatch Hero Symmetra Received Cool Improvements

November 23, 2016 at 9:48 PM in Gaming News with no comments
Overwatch Hero Symmetra Cover

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Blizzard released a new developer update video that features improvements to hero Symmetra. Seen in the video is the game’s director Jeff Kaplan exploring the adjustments made to Symmetra.

Symmetra doesn’t seem to be one of the more popular heroes. She is considered as an “overly situational” character which means that there are some situations only that she can be used effectively. One such situation is when defense is needed at the start of a game. It has also been observed that those who use Symmetra are more stressed because they are in a panicked rush from setting up shields and the cool down waiting time.

Starting on Symmetra’s improvements, and we think that this is the most important, is that she now has two ultimates. These ultimates are available to her at all times in the match. And what is amazing about it is that she is the first ever character to have this. Her two buildable objects on her ultimate are her teleporter which is adjusted to have more health as well as her shield generator that is improved to be stronger than before.

Overwatch Symmetra

Other improvements to Symmetra includes a new ability called the Photon Barrier which is comparable to Reinhardt’s shield or Winston’s Project Barrier. Small changes were made to her Sentry Turrets also. Six turrets can now be placed instantly with a lesser cool down time. Her primary fire has also a slightly longer distance beam than before. Don’t get it wrong, though, Symmetra is still a short range character.

Within the same video, Jeff also talks about Oasis which is a new map coming out by early 2017. Also, a new social feature that they are developing is “Stay with the group”. This lets you keep the current team you are a part of even after a match has finished.

Are Symmetra’s changes over the top or is it just fair? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



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