Relic Foresees Possible Dawn of War 3 Expansions In The Future

By Veena on March 24, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments


Dawn of War 3 expansions is a possibility in the future as said by Relic Entertainment. Phil Boulle from Relic recently had an interview with PC Gamer. He said that it is possible that some expansions are releasing after the game’s launch, but nothing is finalized as of yet.

Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 3

Boulle says, “This is all me projecting into the future…I would say we’ve had a long history of success with big meaty expansions that add new races and factions and add new ways to play the game, more campaign content, etc. So that’s definitely something we’re going to revisit. We’ll see an expansion of some sort of Dawn of War 3.”

It is possible that the content is free as Boulle said, “in terms of content between that, we don’t have anything concrete, but where we’re learning is to keep the gameplay content essentially free — have it unlock with the skills you earn just by playing. And then potentially have various cosmetic items that would be for sale. But again, nothing is set in stone at this point.”

Dawn of War 3 will launch on April 27, 2017, for PC. Do keep it with us for more updated regarding the Dawn of War 3 expansions.


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