Resident Evil New Teaser Trailers Hints In-Game Details

October 16, 2016 at 10:02 AM in Gaming News with no comments
New Resident Evil 7 Teasers Cover

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Building up the hype even more, Resident Evil 7 new teaser trailers has been released. These are very short videos that actually gives you hints about the game. The first video is called “Mysterious Caller” and the second one is “Shotgun In The Box”.

Both trailers are actually just seconds long, however, they will give you great hints about the game.

Resident Evil 7: Vol.1 “Mysterious Caller”

The “Mysterious Caller” trailer is quite creepy. The scene opens to phones ringing inside the Baker Plantation Mansion. There will be three different locations where three different phones are placed. Curious, you reach out to the receiver, your hand bloody and you hear a woman’s voice. She says, “You shouldn’t have come here.”

The “Mysterious Caller trailer was first seen on the game’s official Twitter account. It had a curious caption saying “that voice… who could it be?” A lot of speculation has been raised and gamers think that the voice could be Ada Wongs. However, some think it is Resident Evil 5’s Sheva Alamar. We are not sure who the voice belongs to, we will all know in the future.

Resident Evil 7: Vol. 2 “Shotgun In The Box”

The second trailer reveals the comeback of an old favorite. The video shows an item box and a shotgun that was taken from the box. That is correct, the item box is back. Inventory management will now be easier as you can keep more items, although not bring it, but you will easily have access to it through the storage boxes.

Resident Evil 7 will be officially released on January 24, 2017, and can be played via PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR and Xbox One.



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