Returnal Gameplay Featured in Deep Dive Video

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Housemarque’s newest roguelike, psychological horror game Returnal has a Deep Dive gameplay video that features some of the details that will help you understand the game even more.

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There are two areas in the game that can be seen in the video and a part of its lore is explained as well as the enemies and weapons.



Returnal Environment

Image Source: NME

You will be playing as a space pilot named Selene who is trapped in the Atropos which is an alien planet.

Help Selene face her fears in this psychological horror game as she looks for the location of the mysterious signal.

When Selene dies time will loop back to the start of her journey which is when her ship crashed into the alien planet.

The decisions that you make in the game will influence the flow of the story. This means that there will always be new discoveries and new challenges each time.



Returnal Monsters

Image Source: Wccftech

There are no manual saves in the game, however, it does come with an auto-save. There are certain times like specific events or even upgrades that will cause the auto-save. However, the game doesn’t save whenever you get a new weapon.

The game is very challenging and is savage which means it can be hard to play.

When you encounter a boss though, you have the option to fight or not so that you wouldn’t lose anything but as mentioned earlier that will still come with consequences.



Returnal Monster

Image Source: Forbes

There is an option to rest from the game without saving.

To do this you have to pause the game and then put your PS5 on Rest Mode.

The Rest Mode on your console will let you pick up where you left in the game.

Note: If the console is turned off by accident or by a power interruption, you would lose all the progress that you made.



Returnal character

Image: SE7EN

Each run can take about 90 minutes and the longest about an hour. This can be a bit long when you are not able to save the game.

There are numerous runs to conquer and each one comes with different threats as well as choices.

Other sites that reviewed the game said that they were able to complete it in 20 to 30 hours.




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