Rise of the Tomb Kings Gameplay Video Launched!

January 11, 2018 at 2:28 AM in Gaming News with no comments
Rise of the Tomb Kings


A Total War Warhammer 2 Rise of the Tomb Kings gameplay video has been launched by PCGamesN. The video is about 44 minutes long which of course contains spoilers. So if you don’t want anything spoiled to you, then stop right now!

This new expansion is all about the Tomb Kings taking control of special books from the Black Pyramid. These would come with amazing bonuses and thanks to PCGamesN, we now know what is needed to get each book.

Warning, Spoilers!

What you would need to do in order to gather the Books of Nagash:

By PCGamesN
First Book of Nagash +1 Hero capacity for all hero types -50% Hero action cost +10% Hero action success chance Second Book of Nagash Gain campaign line of sight over regions with gold, marble, and gemstones resources +20% income from trade Third Book of Nagash Regions will be hit by a sandstorm after sacking or occupying settlements Immune to sandstorm attrition +15% casualty replenishment rate after sacking or occupying settlements Fourth Book of Nagash +250 Canopic Jars +3 Lord recruit rank -1 Wound recovery time for all characters Fifth Book of Nagash +1 Army capacity +5 unit capacity for Tomb Guard, Tomb Guard with Halberds, and Skeleton Chariots Sixth Book of Nagash Unlocks recruitment of Liche Priest Heroes with the Lore of Shadows +20 Winds of Magic power reserve Seventh Book of Nagash +10 Canopic Jars per turn +10% Research rate Eighth Book of Nagash All commandments are 50% more effective Ninth Book of Nagash Enables recruitment of certain Vampire Count units “The ninth Book of Nagash is known to belong to Arkhan the Black; however, its exact location is unknown and retrieving it will be all but impossible.”  
The Rise of the Tomb Kings will be available on February 23 for PC.


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