Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Game Features: Massive 64-Player Battles Plus More

By Veena on May 19, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Game Features Cover


The Rising Storm sequel brings its players to Vietnam. From the team that gave us the Red Orchestra series, Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is a massively multiplayer simulation and strategy game. Get to know what this awesome game has in store for you in the features we’ve listed below.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Features

Massive 64-Player Multiplayer Battles

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam’s multiplayer has intense action-packed battles between the Vietnamese and the US Forces. Each side features different abilities and tactical advantages. Among these are Napalm, Strikes, Artillery Barrages, Surface to Air Missiles, Traps, and Ambushes.

More Than 30 Authentic Weapons

Get to use authentic weapons from that era. This includes the M16, M14, M60, M79 and M3 Grease Gun for the American Forces. For the Vietnamese, the Type 56 Assault Rifle, RPG-7, MAT-49, and SKS Carbine.

Ride of the Valkyries

The US side has 3 different helicopters available to them: the UH-1H “Huey” transport, the OH-6 “Loach” light recon, and the AH-1G “Cobra” attack helicopter.

Historical World

Each map offers authentic locations to give its players the full Vietnam experience. Get to see its famous jungles, cities, rolling hills, US firebases, rice fields, plantations and much more.

2 New Game Modes

Included in the game are two new game modes: Supremacy mode which is for large-scale combat and a skirmish mode that can hold up to 16 players only.

Personalize Your Uniform

Get to earn additional uniform and equipment by leveling up to be able to customize your character. You can choose from tattoos, headgear, clothing, glasses, and much more.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is available for pre-order via Steam but it doesn’t have a specific release date as of yet.