Rockstar Announcement | Fans Hoping For GTA 6

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During the Game Awards 2021, Rockstar was supposed to have a ‘huge’ announcement which fans were hoping would be for GTA 6.

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The announcement by Rockstar was that of a new expansion for GTA Online and not for the most-awaited GTA 6.

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The hype first grew when Rockstar posted on their social media accounts that they have an important announcement to make.

Fans immediately thought that it would be for GTA 6. They were disappointed when it was actually for a new story expansion for GTA Online.

Memes from GTA fans were brought to life because of their frustrations.

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One thing that kind of eases the frustrations of fans is the new DLC for Franklin from GTA V.

The DLC is called The Contract where Franklin is working with his new agency, F. Clinton and Partner.

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Another thing that makes the DLC exciting is that Dr. Dre will be on the soundtrack and rumors say that Snoop Dogg will be available too!

There will also be new weapons, vehicles and contracts available.

This DLC is now available.




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