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Updated December 27, 2021

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How to Create An Account for Rockstar Social Club


Here are the simple steps in creating a Rockstar Social Club Account.


First, go to the Rockstar Games website then locate the profile icon on the top-right corner then click on it.

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Under Sign In, Click on Join Social Club.

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Type in your Date of Birth.

  How do you make a rockstar account?

Agree to the Policies & Terms, then clik on Next

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Then type in your Email, Password and Nickname. Then choose your Country/Region. Tick the box if you would want to get offers through your email.

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That is it! You now have a Rockstar Social Club account! You would just need to put in your profile details and you are good to go!


*In case you would need more assistance and would have other questions please send us an email at we are happy to be of help!