Saga of Lucimia Rebranded to Embers Adrift

September 11, 2021 at 1:05 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Stormhaven Studios’ upcoming MMORPG Saga of Lucimia has gotten a name change which is now Embers Adrift. The game is set to launch sometime in 2022.

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Name Change


Saga of Lumicia was first announced in 2015 and after that, no news was heard about the game. There had been a legal battle as well as a split from the game’s creator Tim Anderson.

When the game appeared once again it is now known as Embers Adrift. The developers are promising a unique MMORPG.

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The game is said to be a purely PvE team-based MMO experience.

The game doesn’t have any quest hubs, nor does it have andy mini-maps. It only has an ever-expanding world that players could explore.

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The developers are hoping that their ideas would lead to a group-centric community that would bring about lasing memories.

The game’s PvE is challenging and immersive that gives out great rewards for group-based action.

For the game to be successful, it does depend on its players rather than on the challenges available for them.

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Stormhaven Studios must keep their community-engaged to become successful, however, it is not clear how they will be doing that. Maybe we will know near the game’s launch.

The developers said that pre-orders of the game will be available by October 2021.

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The game’s final Alpha test will also happen in October. Joining the test will reward you with a unique in-game title.


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