Same Day Launch For Football Manager Touch 2018 and PC Edition

October 11, 2017 at 10:33 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Football Manager Touch 2018 Cover


The Football Manager Touch 2018 and PC edition both launches on the same date, November 10, 2017. The Football Manager Touch 2018 is a different version of the game. Not familiar with this version, you can check out the information below.

FM Touch 2018 is the more compact version of the game. It is straight to the point and faster than the regular game. The game only focuses on the core duties of a manager – tactics and transfers. Touch will only give players the most important things without the media circus going on. With this, players are able to finish the seasons so much faster.

Touch allows players to simulate matches, simply by just pressing a button. A backroom staff is able to guide your team whenever you are available.

Pre-order Football Manager Touch 2018 and be able to have access to the game’s beta. The beta launches 2 weeks before the game’s launch. Any progress done in the game can be carried over to the full game.

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