Save Energy With Your Xbox Consoles

March 14, 2022 at 12:17 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Xbox owners were asked to switch their consoles to Energy Saving Mode by Microsoft as they promise to be more sustainable by 2030.

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Microsoft’s latest sustainability update has Microsoft repeating their commitment to being carbon negative, water positive and zero waste by 2030.

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The company has been working to have its Xbox consoles and products to be environmentally friendly.

In fact, the Xbox consoles start in the Energy Saving mode already this saves “20 times less power” than the Standby mode. The Energy Saving mode is still able to download games as well as update systems.

  is Xbox environmental friendly?  

By the year 2030, Microsoft would want all the Xbox products and accessories to be 100% recyclable. This includes the product packaging.

The Xbox Series X and Series S consoles are said to be 97% recyclable last year. The Xbox gift cards which were plastic were changed to paperboard which saves more than 500,000 kg of plastic waste.

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Microsoft comes with different programs to help users know about as well as be part of the sustainable world.

Here’s How You Can Be A Part Of Microsoft’s Sustainable Energy Program

  • Start with the Energy Saver Mode on your Xbox: Settings > Sleep Mode & Startup > Sleep Mode > Energy Saver.
  • The Microsoft Store Online Trade-In Program will let you trade your used laptop, tablets, phones or consoles.
  • The game Minecraft teaches about climate changes, sustainable infrastructure, and solutions.
  • PCR resins are used in Xbox Wireless Controllers and Xbox Series S consoles.
  • Ground Shipping is available when purchasing from the Microsoft Store to have the lowest carbon emissions.


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