Scorn Out Now Features Biological Nightmare

October 19, 2022 at 8:11 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Scorn has launched and its twisted universe has players facing a biological nightmare.

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Experience A New Kind of Biomechanical Horror

Key Facts

  • Scorn is a first-person horror adventure
  • The game’s biochemical world is inspired by H.R. Giger.
  • Scorn is now available for PC and Xbox consoles.



Ebb Software’s Scorn has launched about a week ago and with it came a launch trailer that features the game’s terrifying theme.

  scorn review  

Scorn’s world is inspired by H.R. Giger the same inspiration for Ridley Scott’s Alien.

The horrifying and twisted artwork of the game is what makes it so fascinating to players. Players are able to explore the game’s biochemical world unassisted.

In the game, your survival is not guaranteed and the answers that you are desperately looking for are not easily accessible. But the game does offer a unique first-person horror adventure.

If you don’t have Scorn yet and would want to purchase a copy, get to know what the different editions are in this article: Scorn and its Available Editions




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