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Screencheat Ps4 Digital & Box Price Comparison

What Is the Screencheat Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download Screencheat directly to your PlayStation 4 from the PlayStation Network (PSN).

How Can I Find the Lowest Price for Screencheat on PS4?

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Release date
March 1, 2016
Official website
Samurai Punk
Surprise Attack Games
Action FPS First-Person Local Co-Op Multiplayer Arena Shooter Split Screen

About this game

Screencheat a split-screen shooter about cheating your way to victory, every player is invisible so you have to use your wits and senses and of course, your opponent’s screen to find out exactly where they are, before they find you.

  • Screencheat features a range of unique weapons for every player’s playstyle that has its own advantages and disadvantages, from the classic medium-ranged blunderbuss that leaves a smoke trail every time you fire to a charging melee hobby horse that reveals your trail when you charge.
  • Play through a variety of game modes both online and offline, deathmatches, murder mystery modes there’s always a choice for everyone. Get up to seven friends together on the couch or online even a combination of both, but no matter what mode offline or online with people or bots the split-screen is always on.
  • Each of the 11 maps is specifically designed for Screencheats mechanics in mind so no matter if you’re traveling by trampoline or vents, 4 areas of the maps are always color-coded, as well as landmarks so people will always be able to locate each other.
  • The game is extremely customizable play the game you want. Want to limit ammo and weapon switching? that’s adjustable, want to place time limits that’s adjustable, everything is! There are even game-altering mutators that change how the fundamentals of the game work.


The execution isn’t quite as good as the central concept, but this is still a fun celebration of everything that’s great about split-screen gaming.



Screencheat is undeniably fun, party/shooter hybrid which brings back fond memories of the good old days of split-screen.


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There is 1 offer at $14.99.

PLAYSTATION CODE : This a Playstation Game Code to download Screencheat PS4. Activate the code on the Playstation Network. Read carefully the store description about any language and region restrictions.
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