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Updated September 26,  2022


We have for you the top 10 most searched video games on Allkeyshop for the month of September 2022.

The list comes with games that are updated with new content and new season, best video games of all time, games of the year, new releases and more.

If you make your purchase with us, you are sure to get your desired game as well as save up on a couple of bucks.

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Most popular video games | September 2022



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Because of Google Analytics, the weekly ranking of the most viewed game pages on our site can be seen.

This page will be updated every week so that you will know what games are trending.

With the list that we presented, what are your top games? Do share it with us in the comments.

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September 13,  2022

Check out the games that are in the Box Office of week 36. The list comes with upcoming games, games of the year, new releases, games with new modes and so much more. We have these games here at the lowest deals.




10. Total War Warhammer 3 : – 3


At number 10 is Total War Warhammer which recently added a multiplayer mode.

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9. GTA 5  : ⭐New entry


GTA 5 is a new entry on the list. The game has sold over 170 million copies worldwide and is the 2nd best-selling game around. If you haven’t yet, join Franklin, Michael, and Trevor in their crazy adventures.


8. Marvel’s Spider-man Remastered : – 4


Peter Parker graces our screen once again with the remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-man. Go against the iconic enemies of the series and keep New York safe.


7. Battlefield 2042 : +2


DICE’s FPS recently got its second season Master-at-Arms and it comes with a new character, new map, new weapons and new vehicles.


6. F1 22 : +2


Codemaster’s official game of the Fédération Internationale Automobile is the sixth game on the list. It has new tracks, VR support, new mode, an upgraded artificial intelligence that is able to adapt to the player’s level.


5. Cyberpunk 2077: ⭐ New entry


This futuristic action-adventure RPG launched in the late 2020s and it has been popular ever since. Fulfill contracts and build your reputation as you take the role of a cyber mercenary in the vast open world of the Night City.


4. Red Dead Redemption 2 : +2


Another Rockstar game is on the list which is Red Dead Redemption 2. The game has been in circulation for 3 years already for PC and longer for consoles (4 years). Follow the story of Van der Linde’s compansions as they take on the Wild West.


3. Elden Ring: ► Same place


Bandai Namco and FromSoftware Inc.’s RPG that launched earlier in the year has been one of the top games since it was released.


2. F1 Manager 22: – 1


The official Formula 1 simulation game for the 2022 season launched just this August 30th and it has risen to the top immediately. You will be wearing all the hats as you play the role of a businessman, strategist and careerist all rolled into one.


1. FIFA 23: +4


At the top spot is FIFA 23. The game is yet to officially release on September 30th and a few days earlier for those who pre-ordered the game which is on September 27th. Electronic Arts made sure that the game tops the previous FIFA game in terms of playability and realism.