Shaheen Is Featured In The New Tekken 7 Gameplay Video

By Veena on April 13, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments


The new Tekken 7 gameplay shows off one of the game’s newcomers. Shaheen is a fighter from Saudi Arabia and you will see in the video is up against Lars who was seen in the previous Tekken franchise. The video features their moves and hard hitting kicks and punches.

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Shaheen, as mentioned earlier, is from Saudi Arabia. He is a bodyguard for a private military company. Every single client that he has guarded never got hurt or injured. His fighting style consists of acrobatics, kicks, and takedowns and it is considered a “Military Fighting Style.”

According to TekkenWikia, Shaheen is a fighter that is not fond of violence and is only being forced to fight because he has to.

Watch the fight between Shaheen and Lars in the video below:

There are a couple of newcomers available on the game aside from Shaheen. There is the Italian Claudio Serafino, Josie Rizal from the Philippines, Katarina Alves from Brazil, Gigas and Lucky Chole.

Tekken 7 launches on June 2, 2017, available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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