Shenmue 3 Trial Details and Refunds Revealed!

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Shenmue 3  

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Ys Net’s Shenmue 3 has received some heavy backlash when they announced that the game will be an Epic Games Store timed exclusive. To make things right, the developers thought of a way wherein which the backers are also able to change their platforms as well as ask for a refund. It took Ys Net about two months, but they now have a solution to their problem.

By mid-September, those who backed the game will be getting an email to confirm what their platform will be. For those who would want a refund or would want to change platforms or would want to change the region of their PlayStation 4 copy, a link will be available in the email which will direct them to a survey for them to fill up with their requests.

Regarding the survey, you must know that:

  1. The survey will only be available for two weeks after that time frame it will not be available anymore.
  2. The refunds can only be given to those who chose a PC platform for the game.
  3. There is no set timeframe for the processing time for the refund. It could take between 20 business days up to 3 months. This is because the campaign is quite old as well as there are differences in how payment processors handle these kinds of requests.
  4. A new Kickstarter update will be made available to notify backers that the survey period is over.

Also in other news, a Shenmue 3 free trial version will be launched by the second half of September. This will have a ‘stand-alone act’ which will be about an hour. Those who have played the trial and complete it are able to play it again. Participating in the trial will not carry over your progress in the full game.

Shenmue 3 will be launching on November 19 available for PC and PlayStation 4.


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