Sifu Update Adds New Difficulty Options

May 6, 2022 at 5:26 PM in Gaming News with no comments

The latest update of Sifu finally adds difficulty settings to the game which would greatly help those who are having trouble progressing in the game.

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If you are one of those players who are having problems in progressing in the game Sifu, great news since difficulty settings has been added.

This has been added with the 1.08 update which includes the Student, Disciple and Master difficulty options. The Disciple mode is the hardest of the difficulty options available.

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The Student Difficulty is the easiest of the levels. Here, the enemies are not very aggressive and are less reactive in defense. Your character here will have more life and structure. The bosses and different archetypes will be more simplified. Better shrine rewards are also available and the Death Counter will have a limit.

The Master Difficulty on the other hand is the complete opposite of the Student Difficulty. This gives a new pattern for the game’s bosses.

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A new outfit is also available with the outfit. This allows players to change their outfits in the Wuguan. There are two new outfits that can be unlocked and more will be available in future outdates. Those who bought the Deluxe Edition of the game will have an extra outfit.

A new Dark Mode is also available with the update. This can be used in the in-game menus and updated training mode.

The complete patch mode is available HERE.

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