Sims 4 Big Little Update Plus Vampire Game Pack Is New This Month

January 16, 2017 at 1:16 AM in Gaming News with no comments
SIMS 4 Big Little Update


A lot of gamers are requesting for the Sims 4 Big Little Update and it is finally here! The update will now include toddlers to the game. Written in the Sims blog post by Simguru Lyndsay, “In the two years since we launched The SIMS 4, we’ve heard from players on what they’d love to see added to the game…We know that the toddler life stage is an experience that many of you have consistently asked for.”

The toddler update is absolutely free and is about 1.9 GB in size. The update includes the toddler life state, 3 toddler shoes, 3 toddler body accessories, 8 toddler bottoms, 6 toddler full body outfits, 8 toddler tops, 3 toddler glasses, 2 toddler hats and 6 toddler hairs. There will also be 8 unique toddler traits and 19 new toddler-specific items. “We’ve added a hundred new animations, dozens of new interactions, and great new suits of outfits and objects,” added the blog.

The SIMS 4: Toddlers trailer:

This January 24th on the other hand is the launch of The SIMS 4 Vampire Game Pack. The pack will include special vampire motives and needs, powers, different forms, a new create a SIM option (adding glowing eyes and scary eye sockets). An option to have a vampire family is also available and so much more.

The SIMS 4 vampire game packs do come with a fee like other previous game packs. No prices were announced as of yet.

The SIMS 4 Vampires trailer: