SNK Playmore Mostly Owned By Saudi Crown Prince

April 13, 2022 at 3:08 AM in Gaming News with no comments

SNK which is a Japanese developer is now 96% owned by Mohammed bin Salman a Saudi Crown Prince.

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The Electronic Gaming Development Company now holds 96.18% of SNK shares. At first, they only hold 33.3% which was back in November 2020. They then planned to get 17.7% more to bring it up to 51%. The Electronic Gaming Development is under the MiSK Foundation which is owned by the Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

  Is SNK owned by Saudi Arabia?  

The MiSK Foundation said in a press release that “The Mohammed bin Salman Foundation’s (MiSK Foundation) investment in the Japanese company SNK reinforces its continuous commitment to its goals of empowering Saudi men and women through building economic partnerships, within the Foundation’s updated strategy to maximize the positive impact on youth empowerment.”

They also added that their investment “will also enhance SNK’s strong capabilities, which has many innovative intellectual properties in the gaming sector with real potential for development [sic] in the future in line with anticipated growth with the electronic gaming industry.”

  Who bought SNK?  

SNK is responsible for games such as Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown, The King of Fighters and more.


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