Some Beginners Tips For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Players

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players, here are some tips for all the first timers out there. We have a few gameplay videos below for you.

It is a known fact that playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not an easy task. Firstly, you must kill about 100 other people for you to be the last man standing. Also, to make things harder, you will not start with a weapon or anything for that matter. You must find weapons at the start of the game in order to survive. It is a good thing that there are some players out there that are able to share their beginner tips for the game. One of the videos that we are sharing with you is from the YouTuber Arekkz Gaming. There are 17 notable tips that you can see in the video.

  • According to Arekkz Gaming, the safest way to begin looting is to parachute at the beginning or at the end of the map from the spawn because you will be able to find your enemies in front or behind of you.

  • Use the falling momentum to your advantage. When falling from the plane, intermittently press the forward button in order to build momentum that will make it easier for you to control where you land.
  • Make sure to avoid the boost mode when using your vehicle in the game because it burns through the fuel. His suggestion is to use the boost mode for uphills only or when you have to reach the vehicle’s top speed.

nAsTe Gaming, also another YouTuber has very practical tips for players. One of the tips is to close the door behind you when entering any buildings or houses. Another tip is to pick up all the items that you can see which could help you later on. Also, when moving make sure to crouch in order to make less sound. You can check out his other tips n the video below.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on Steam as an Early Access!


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