Sons of the Forest Post Launch Interview

March 16, 2023 at 10:47 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Sons of the Forest has launched on Steam’s Early Access and future updates are being planned by the developers.

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ons of the Forest: Devs Plan Huge Updates For Survival Game  

Key Facts

  • Sons of the Forest has launched on Steam’s Early Access.
  • Endnight Games recently revealed their plans via a Reddit Q&A.
  • Hopefully, the upcoming updates would improve the AI, combat and crafting system.



Sons of the Forest has launched on Steam’s Early Access and the developer Endnight Games promise new content for it during a post-launch interview.

  Sons of the Forest Release Date  

The interview was done in a Reddit Q&A session where plans of updating the game’s AI as well as two NPCs, Kevin and Virgina were talked about.


Endnight Games said that they are working on some ideas where Kevin would do other things like “construct a wall around your base or fortify/repair the base when needed.”

Plans for Virginia include making her braver when she is holding a weapon as well as after she would kill a few cannibals.

Improvements in the crafting system, building, combat and host options was also talked about.

Sons of the Forest is out on Steam’s Early Access. The game would probably stay there for about 8 to 10 months.




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