SoulCalibur 6 New Character is 2B From Nier Automata

October 28, 2018 at 6:42 AM in Gaming News with no comments
SoulCalibur 6


Bandai Namco shared a new video for the SoulCalibur 6 new character 2B! Previously, the game had a cross-over with The Witcher bringing Geralt to the game. This time, a Nier Automata cross-over is happening bringing the android protagonist 2B to the game as a post-launch character.

The quick trailer features 2B and her moves from Nier Automata. She will have her signature dual blades used for quick slashes and ariel attacks plus her Virtuous Contract and Virtuous Treaty. Get to watch the video below and see for yourself.


A new stage will also be added with 2B, and it is called “The City Ruins”. She also comes with a new costume plus her own BGM. More items will also be added to the character creator for more fun creations by the community.

Not sure yet if 2B can be purchased as a separate DLC as the announcement only said that she is part of the Season Pass. Also, no specific date has been set for 2B’s release as well, it just said “coming soon”.

SoulCalibur 6 is already available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nier Automata, on the other hand, launched in March 2017 for PC and PlayStation 4 and in June 2018 for Xbox One.

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