Steam Accounts Are Being Targeted by New Phishing Scam

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Steam Phishing Scam  

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We all have Steam accounts, so this is a must-read! If you get a message from one of your Steam contracts about a different site that is giving out free games by clicking on a link in the message, you should not click on it. As reported from which is an information security and technology news site said that similar messages were received by those who reported their Steam accounts to be compromised.

Read on the know how the scam works:

  • First, you will get a message about a free game that could potentially get when you go to the linked site.
  • The link will take you to the page called which is hosted by Chrome and Cloudflare. Both service hosting sites will actually warn you that the site is suspected of phishing.
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  • The site will then give you the chance to “roll” for a free game. When you click on the button, an animation of scrolling game titles will appear and the game that will land on the arrow is the game that you won.
  • You will actually have a partial view of the Steam Key that you won and you will then be required to log into your Steam account in order to get the complete key.
  • If you click on the “log in via steam” button a pop-up will actually appear and it looks like Steam’s official log in page. If you put in your log in credentials. This is where they are able to steal your information, what’s deceiving is that if your account has a two-factor authentication, the site will still ask for the code sent to your email.

Once they have logged into your account the scammers will be able to change your password and then lock you out of your account.

The article explains the complete process. They were even able to test this out on an actual Steam account.

The scammers can make a profit by selling your Steam items on the Market place.

If you are a victim of this, you can create an account recovery support ticket in order to get your account back. But if some of the items in your inventory are missing, Steam cannot give that back to you because of the Steam’s Item Recovery policy.

Let us be vigilant with all the technology making it easy to scam people. Make sure that you think twice about putting in your personal information on anything on the internet that looks dubious.

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