Steam Concurrent User Record Reaches New Milestone

March 16, 2020 at 1:10 AM in Digital Download News with no comments

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The Steam concurrent user record has reached a new milestone two days in a row. This could have been because of the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Just this February Valve has announced that Steam was able to reach 18.8 million users online which has set a record. Those numbers include players of two of Valve’s games which are CS:GO and Dota 2.

And just this Saturday, March 14, those numbers increased breaking the record and setting it at 19,728,027. That, however, did not stop there as the numbers once again grew on Sunday, March 15 reaching 20,313,415 users online. This lasted for a few hours.


Games that help make those numbers possible are CS:GO reaching 1,024,845 players which is an all-time high for the game. Another game is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege reaching 196,352 players which is also the highest that the game was able to reach.

It’s hard to dispel that thought that the novel Coronavirus has nothing to do with the numbers on the Steam concurrent user count, as the virus has been tagged as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, people are now staying at home having more time to play games.

It also looks like these numbers will still rise as a lot of gaming events and eSports tournaments are cancelled because of the pandemic.

Other solutions that the government thought of for preventing the spread of the virus are cancelling music festivals, banning public gatherings, stopping sporting events and so on.

A lot of people are then stuck at home because of the social distancing needed to stop the further spread of the virus. The people have nowhere to go but online and play their favorite games.

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