Steam Free To Play Weekend: EVE Online, Depth, and Umbrella Corps

August 20, 2016 at 7:02 PM in Gaming News with no comments
EVE Online, Depth, and Umbrella Corps


Play EVE Online, Depth, and Umbrella Corps in the Steam free to play weekend.

Steam free to play weekend will have you playing EVE Online, Depth, and Umbrella Corps. These three games will only be available to be played for free until Sunday, August 21 1PM PT. And after that, if you want to continue the game, you can purchase it for a discounted price also for a limited amount of time.

EVE Online


EVE Online is an outer space sci-fi experience that will have you exploring, building and conquering the universe. Everything that you will do in the game will affect the whole universe. You can either participate in galactic battles or in economic warfare. Anyway, you choose, be the rulers of the whole universe.




The deep dark sea is where you will find yourself in Depth. You can either play as the hunter or the huntee. Choose between playing as a shark or a diver and explore the depths of the seas. Either way, you choose, you must survive whatever the deep seas throw at you.


Umbrella Corps


Umbrella Corps will give its players a chance to battle it out in the Resident Evil Universe. You will get to face a fast paced third person shooter and your battleground, the memorable locations of the Resident Evil universe.


Enjoy the weekend by playing EVE Online, Depth, and Umbrella Corps. You can also check out the best rates of these games in our trusted stores.