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Updated 13 December 2021

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Is Steam free to use?  

Create your Steam account with these easy steps:


Login at The login can be found in the upper-right-hand corner of the page.

  What is Steam app?

You will be directed to Join Steam which is located on the right side of the Sign In section.

  How do you get Steam on PC?

Fill in the information needed like your Email Address, then enter your Email Address again to Confirm it then choose your Country of Residence found in the drop-down menu.

  Is buying from Steam safe?

Do the Captcha and agree to the terms. Click on Continue.

  How do I make a Steam account?

Confirm your age on the next step.

  What is Steam account name?

Check the email that you provided and open the message that has been sent to you from Steam.

  Where can I play Steam games?    

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