Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2023 Now Running

January 20, 2023 at 6:01 PM in Gaming News with no comments

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2023 is now here and there are hundreds of games on amazing discounts.

By Daniel Burrows Daniel  |  Veena

Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2023 Live    

Key Facts

  • The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is now live and it celebrates the Chinese New Year.
  • The sale this year is a little different as it is focusing on developers and publishers that are Chinese.
  • Some of the games on sale come from Sega, EA and Rockstar Games. and Sega.



To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Steam Lunar New Year Sale comes with great discounts for hundreds of games.

  Steam New Year Sale  

Last September 2022, Valve announced that they will be removing the annual New Year Sale for the bigger Spring sale. However, it looks like they still have it available for this year.

As compared to the previous years, this year’s Lunar New Year Sale is smaller and is centered on games that are from Chinese developers and publishers.

It still comes with a lot of great games, we’ve listed our favorites below:

The Lunar New Year Sale 2023 Deals:

  • Sword and Fairy 7

  • My Time at Sandrock

  • Metaverse Keeper


Other Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2023 Discounts:

  • Otaku’s Adventure (30% Off)
  • Criminal Dissidia (25% Off)
  • Lost Castle (60% Off)
  • Moncage (30% Off)
  • Haak (20% Off)
  • Warm Snow (25% Off)

There are other publishers who are running special Lunar New Year sale events as well like Rockstar Games, Sega, Xbox Game Sudios and Electronic Arts.

The Steam Lunar Sale 2023 will only be available until January 28, 2023.




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Steam Lunar Sale 2023


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