Steam Replay | Review Your Steam Activity this 2022

December 29, 2022 at 8:19 PM in Gaming News with no comments

The Steam Replay has been launched by Valve and it will let you see your year in gaming.

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Steam Replay: View Your Year in Gaming

Key Facts

  • The Steam Replay has been launched by Valve.
  • Get to see your year in gaming with the Steam Replay.
  • The tool gives you a breakdown of your playtime, achievements and most played games.



The Steam Replay lets you see your activity on Steam for the year 2022. This includes the games you are playing, achievements, as well as how long you are using a controller.

  Steam Replay 2022  

With the Steam Replay, you get a detailed breakdown of your gaming year on Steam. This will show you how much you’ve played each month of 2022.

  Steam Replay  

The Steam Replay can be accessed via a browser or through the Steam app. By viewing or sharing, you get to earn a Steam badge.

To go to your Steam Replay, log into Steam here.




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