Steam Survival Fest: Our Top Four Picks

August 2, 2022 at 7:36 AM in Gaming News with no comments

The Steam Survival Fest 2022 is currently running and we’ve got all the details for you as well as our top four games that you would definitely like to play.

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The Steam Survival Fest offers the best deals for survival games on Steam. This is a week-long celebration.

  best games on Steam Survival Fest?  

The types of survival games available in the Steam Survival Fest 2022 includes open-world survival crafting video games, survival and survival horror.



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Rust is a hardcore survival MMO that is procedurally generated. Players would have to hunt, gather resources, farm, craft weapons, work with others, build a shelter and so much more in order to survive.



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Raft is an open-world survival crafting game where you will find yourself in an endless ocean stuck in a tiny raft. You will be able to gather floating debris that comes your way and use it to transform your simple raft into something comfortable.


No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky offers an ever-changing and expanding universe. It offers an open world with a mix of crafting. The other players that you get to meet in the game could be mercenaries, traders, pirates, adventurers, and explorers.


Project Zomboid

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Project Zomboid is a survival horror game that is set in an open world after a zombie apocalypse. It comes with a line of sight system with a 4-player split-screen co-op. The game also features cooking, farming and crafting as well as status effects that include thirst, hunger, boredom and depression.



  best games to buy on Steam 2022?  

The Steam Survival Fest 2022 will be available up until August 8th only.




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