Steam’s Best Selling Games of 2019

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Steam: The Best of 2019  

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Every year Valve would post the best selling games of the year. This year, of course, is no different as they revealed Steam’s Best Selling Games of 2019. The list is quite a curiosity as three of the games actually launched this year.

Also like other previous posts, Valve did not give any actual numbers of specific rankings for the games. However, there are tiers available which are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. They are ranked from highest to lowest based on the gross revenue that they generated. What you will notice for this year’s list is that four of the games in the top tier are actually free-to-play, one of which is Destiny 2 that launched on Steam in October 2019.

Check out the list of Steam’s Best Selling Games of 2019 below:


Other Games: DOTA 2, Warframe



Other Games: War Thunder, Team Fortress 2

You can see the complete list as well as the different categories here.

What’s amazing about the list is that we can still see titles from as early as 2013. Although Steam had suffered a bit because of the big releases deciding on being Epic Games Store Exclusives, the storefront is not about to be replaced any time soon.

By December 31st, Valve will have another list to reveal which is The Steam Awards 2019 winners. Make sure to vote for your favorite games! Click here for that!

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