Steel Division 2 Delayed Yet Again

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Steel Division 2

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Eugen Systems announced another delay for their World of War 2 RTS title Steel Division 2. The game was originally going to launch on April 4 and then was delayed to May 2nd and is delayed yet again for a release date by mid-June.

The reason for the delay though is still quite the same as the first, as the developers need more time to finish up the game’s single-player campaign as well as include the feedback that they were able to get from the game’s beta tests. Of course, it will still be better to have a complete game, rather than an incomplete game at launch.

Get to check out the latest Steel Division 2 gameplay video below:


For those who were able to pre-order the game, another beta phase will be made available to you starting on May 29 which is scheduled to run up until the game launches. The most recent beta was just last weekend with players having access to 3 game modes, 4 new divisions a lot of other features. The developers were not able to announce what exactly will be included in the last round of testing.

Steel Division 2 is set to launch on June 20th available for PC.


Steel Division 2 Release Pushed Back to May


Eugen Systems has announced that their World War 2 RTS game Steel Division 2 will be delayed to about a month. Get to know when the game will be launching as well as what the game’s private beta is all about.