Steel Division Normandy 44 Pre Order Beta Is Updated

By Veena on May 13, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments


Still running right now is the Steel Division Normandy 44 pre order beta. This time around it has received a second update that includes new maps as well as new divisions.

Steel Division Normandy 44

The two maps are called Colleville and Mont Ormel and the two new divisions are 2ème Division Blindée (FR) and 21. Panzerdivision (DE).

Right now, the Steel Division Pre Order Beta is still running. You can also take part in the beta by pre ordering the game. There are two in-game aces available for you once the game releases.

The Steel Division Normandy 44 came from the creators of R.U.S.E and Wargame, it is a tactical real-time strategy game. There are 400 historically accurate vehicles and also real world tactics and settings.

You can get the Deluxe Edition of the game which includes:

  • Art Book
  • Tactical Guide
  • Six Exclusive in-game aces:
    • Ernst Barkmann (Germany, Panther A tank)
    • Joseph Priller (Germany, Bf109A fighter plane)
    • Dick Winters (USA, Paratrooper battalion)
    • Wilfred Harris (UK, Sherman Firefly tank)
    • Leo Major (Canada, sniper scout)
    • Kurt Knispel (Germany, Tiger II)
  • Battle Log
  • Deluxe avatar and icon for the Paradox forums
  • Unique ringtones and text message sounds
  • Wallpapers
  • Streaming Overlays
Steel Division Normandy 44 launches May 23, 2017.


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