Store Review Giveaway Winner: Salman Saheb

March 17, 2014 at 10:19 AM in Contest Winner, Digital Download News with no comments is your one-stop hub where you can win free PC games, compare prices for video games, and buy CD keys for a cheaper price!

Here on, we aim to provide you the best service when it comes to choosing the stores where you can buy your games from. So we have dedicated a Store Review Page where you can post a review about your shopping experiences with the stores listed with us. As a token of appreciation to our wonderful site visitors who take their time posting a review, we’re also giving away one free CD key each month to one lucky reviewer! How cool is that? And now, we are very happy to announce our newest FREE CD key winner from our recent Store Review Contest, Salman Saheb, who has won a Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare CD key. Check out his interview below:
-CDD: Congratulations for winning our contest! We are happy to announce that you have won our Store Review Giveaway. How did you hear about Salman Saheb: I heard it from ““.   -CDD: Have you tried buying CD keys before? If yes, how long have you been buying CD keys? Salman Saheb: Yeh I bought CD Keys in mid of last year (when I had some money).   -CDD: Why do you prefer buying CD keys in digital download format instead of purchasing a physical box? Salman Saheb: The digital format is always good as we only need to redeem it with its related platform like Steam, Origin and Uplay.   With digital key format, I can download the game directly from Steam, Origin and Uplay whenever and everywhere in the world instead of carrying game DVDs or game DVD boxes.   -CDD: What can you say about the price comparison tool that offers? Salman Saheb: The Price Comparison Tool at is awesome and it gives me many choices to buy key(s) at lower price as much as possible (i.e. Key of Standard Game and Key with DLCs etc etc….), as well as let me understand current running prices of every available games at your shop.   Further, with your shop, I found many Trusted Stores and that’s your plus point.   Now, whenever anybody asks me about a key at good price, I simply refer them to and and for that they always say, “Thanks”.   -CDD: Have you talked about to someone before? What do you usually tell your friends about us? Salman Saheb: Yeh I am sharing your shop with my Facebook, Twitter and Google friends as well as my other friends on Steam daily.   As I told you in my answer on Question 4, whenever a friend asks me about a good price of any game key, I simply refer them to your website.   Also I refer many friend to your “REWARDS SHOP” and for that they are very happy as they joined your website network, whatever’s suitable for them according to their country / region and the 7 different languages, which you recently added to your network is very helpful for others who are not able to speak English.
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