Street Fighter 5 New Costumes With The New Update

March 29, 2016 at 10:51 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Street Fighter 5 has new costumes for their characters in the latest update.

The month of March has two separate updates for Street Fighter 5. The first update came out on March 28, this update has fixes and changes for the challenge mode, online rematch option, battle lounge improvements, bug fixes and gameplay balancing. The other part of the update will be available March 30 and it will have the new character Alex as well as the In-game store where you can buy extra content using fight money. Purchases that you can do in the in-game store are special characters as well as their costumes found in the story mode.

Along with the update came a video provided by Street Fighter V Mods (SFV Mods) YouTube channel showing the new costumes that you will see in the new update. These costumes are available for Alex, Birdie, FANG, Karin, Ken, Laura, Nash, Necalli, R.Mika, Rashid, Vega and Zangief. The costumes will be available in the In-game store for fight money. Zanfief looks great in his new “macho man” wrestler outfit and Nash’s ninja like outfit suits him very well. Other characters that look quite different are Ryu who has grown his beard and looks kind of Rambo-like, Chun Li without her signature hair looks quite different but in a good way. The most different looking of all is Ken with his new haircut.

The video below shows you the new costumes the characters will have.
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Any favorites among the costumes shown in the video? Tell us what you think in the comments below.