Street Fighter 5 | Welcome Back Guile!

April 26, 2016 at 4:50 AM in Gaming News with no comments



Street Fighter 5 has something new for you again for this month of April. Capcom promised to deliver something new every month for 2016 for Street Fighter 5 and this April update will give you a new character as well as some new updates.

April will give you the classic character, who first came out in Street Fighter 2, who is also a part of the 8 original World Warriors, he is none other than Guile!

Guile’s signature attack, the Sonic Boom will be heard once again. Also, with his normal attack combined with his special moves, he will continue to control both ground and air strikes. Guile’s V-Skill is the Sonic Blade which is a stationary sonic energy projectile. His V-Trigger is the Solid Puncher where a series of continuous Sonic Booms are released. You can experiment on how you sequence this and every time, have interesting results. You can also use this as a combo extender. Guile’s Critical Attack is the Sonic Hurricane, which is also considered to be his most powerful attack. To use this Guile would need to power up and will then release a massive multi-hit Sonic Boom. When the V-Trigger is active in this state the range as well as the damage of his Critical attack will be amplified.

Guile will be free to play but just until the Zenny shop gets launched, once launched Guile will be available for purchase using Fight Money. He will also come with his own Character Story and set Trials. This Season pass will also include, Guiles battle costume.

Other Street Fighter 5 updates:

Get to receive a new DLC stage- the nostalgic Guile’s Air Force Base! This comes free with the Season Pass and 70,000 FM if purchased in the shop

Rage Quitters will now have a punishment. They will now have a lock out period from matchmaking.

Lower restrictions is finding opponents will make matchmaking an easier experience.

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