Stronghold Warlords New Edition

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Let’s have a look at Stronghold Warlords Digital Special Edition, and what exclusive content players will get.

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Stronghold Warlords


What Is Stronghold: Warlords?


Stronghold: Warlords is a real-time strategy game that comes with recruitment, upgrading as well as commanding the AI lords which is a first for the series.

Experience war on historical battlefields starting from 3rd century BC China up until the Mongol Empire.

This era will allow you to fight using gunpowder, siege weapons as well as recruit new units like the ninjas, samurai and horse archers.

You have the ability to rule however you want: raise taxes, entertain your people, or torture your enemies.


Watch the Stronghold: Warlords Gamescom 2020 Trailer below:



Stronghold: Warlords Digital Special Edition


Special Edition Contents:

Stronghold Warlords Special Edition

Stronghold HD

  • This is the complete copy of the original game on Steam.


  • A new and complete soundtrack of the game.
  • It comes with the same feel of Stronghold but in a different set of historical aspirations and instruments.
  • Created by series composer Robert Euvino.
  • The music is based on Asian cultures: Vietnamese, Mongolian, Cambodian, and Chinese.
  • There is a wide geographical coverage as well as a history of hundreds of years.
  • Get this in the original format as well as in its high-quality format.

Art Book

  • More than 30 pages of the game’s original artwork from the game’s artists.
  • This includes character models, 2D concepts, environmental illustrations, in-game renders and many more.
  • Key art is made by polish artist Marius Kozik.
  • Get a look at the artistic process of Firefly as well as how the art functions in RTS.
  • Exclusive game art that is only available in a special format.

Making of Documentary

  • Runtime of almost 90 minutes.
  • Includes the game’s 3 years of development.
  • Interviews as well as behind the scenese footage of key Firefly staff.
  • Experiences of designers, artists, coders, composers, producers and marketers are included.
  • A small studio’s modern indie game development during the global pandemic.


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