Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Launch Trailer Revealed!

April 6, 2019 at 1:53 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

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Bandai Namco shared the Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission launch trailer in order to celebrate the game’s release in the west. Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is a tactical role-playing card game which has the iconic characters from the Dragon Ball franchise.

The story is about the protagonist named Beat and his journey to become the Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Champion. This takes place in the alternate reality of Hero Town. But something happens and the enemies of the virtual world were able to cross over and wreak havoc in Beat’s world. Beat then crosses over to recruit the help of the most popular Dragon Ball characters to get rid of the enemies in his world as well as to bring back the peace.

Get to watch the gameplay trailer below to get an idea on how the game plays.


The game had been first seen as an arcade game in Japan which used physical cards that are scanned. It had been such a hit in Japan that from it came some manga, anime and other games. This is actually the game’s first ever entry for PC and Switch and it would not need physical cards anymore as it can be collected in-game digitally.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is now available for PC (Steam) and the Nintendo Switch. If you purchase the game during its launch week, you will get a free Power-Up Pack bonus that has 11 early character card unlocks.



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