Syberia: The World Before Launch Trailer Features Kate Searching For Dana’s Identity

March 15, 2022 at 7:41 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Microids shared a new Syberia: The World Before trailer that features Kate looking for the identity of Dana Roze.

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Set in Benoît Sokal’s universe, players will be experiencing the story of the two women on different timelines. One of the women is Kate Walker who is from New York and the year is 2004. She had been held captive in a salt mine, but was able to escape and would want to know more about who she is.


Dana Roze who is from the year 1937 is an aspiring pianist, but her dream is being overshadowed by a fascist threat. In the trailer, we also get to be introduced to other characters of Dana’s time like Leon Kobatis an Alpinist.

  syberia the world before leon kobatis  

The story will progress in the two different timelines and players are able to play as Kate or Dana.

We also get to see in the trailer, some locations that players will be traveling to, some characters to meet as well as puzzles to solve.

  What type of game is Syberia?  

To better understand Syberia: The World Before, here’s a quick refresher, a trailer of the events of Syberia 3.


The new trailer has sure got us curious as to what Dana’s connection is with Kate. Also, if Kate will find the answers that she is looking for.

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