Tarsier Studios Announced That Little Nightmares Has Gone Gold!

April 2, 2017 at 10:11 PM in Gaming News with no comments
Little Nightmares Has Gone Gold Cover


Little Nightmares has Gone Gold as published by Tarsier Studios. This upcoming scary and twistedly cute game is now sure to push through with the game’s gone gold status. The announcement came from the studio’s twitter account.

In the video game industry, the term Gone Gold means that the game’s master copy is already finished and the only thing to do now is to reproduce, package, and ship the game. In a few days, the game can be seen on the store shelves.

You can get to see the official announcement below via twitter:

Play as the little yellow hooded heroine named Six. Help her navigate her way in the terrifying and unforgiving place called The Maw. So many horrifying creatures could be found here that are out to harm Six. Make sure to bring her to safety.

“Players will discover that LITTLE NIGHTMARES blurs the lines between dreams and nightmares as they explore The Maw in an effort to escape its nightmarish confines.”

Get to experience this adventure on its launch on April 28, 2017. The game is available for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Welcome To The Creepy And Fascinating Little Nightmares Gameplay

Get to see what the world of Little Nightmares is like in the game’s gameplay video. Join Six as she explores the weird world of The Maw.