Tekken 7 ‘My Replay and Tips’ Release Date Revealed

January 26, 2020 at 1:40 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Tekken 7  

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Evo Japan 2020’s Tekken 7 leg just finished over the weekend. The champion is Book from Thailand. He used the controversial new character Leroy, which brought him to the top. Leroy is known as the most unstable character today.

There had been some important announcements made during the event as well. Micheal Murray, Tekken producer took to the stage without Tekken’s big boss Katsuhiro Itarada. Murray announced that “My Replay & Tips” will arrive in Tekken 7 on January 28. This will allow players to analyze a match with the addition of showing missed punish opportunities. The “My Replay & Tips” will be free as compared to the Frame Data feature of the Season Pass 3.

Get to watch the announcement below from (via HobbyGamer)

  Some balance changes are coming with the new update as well. Right now, details were shared as to what changes will come to the game. But surely the Tekken 7 community is wanting Leroy to be nerfed hard.

Another big announcement was made by Murray which is the first event for Tekken World Tour 2020. This will be kicking off on April 4th to 5th at the Tokyo Tekken Masters 2020. The TWT Champion was Japan’s Chikurin, so it seems proper that the first TWT event of the year is to happen in Japan.

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