Tekken World Tour 2019 Finals Champion Crowned!

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Tekken World Tour 2019 Finals Champion  

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One of the biggest FGC events happened this weekend and it was the Tekken World Tour (TWT) 2019 Finals. This had been a two-day event which opened with the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ). The LCQ is the 20th spot in the actual finals, and it was open to those who were not able to secure a spot in the top 19.

During the LCQ, we were able to see a lot of big-name players like Jeondding, EyeMusician, Book, AK and Gen. During the ground finals of the LCQ, Bilal from Pakistan and AK from the Philippines faced-off. AK was able to extend the match up by resetting the bracket by sweeping the first set. Bilal, however, was able to make a sweep of his own, taking the 20th spot of the TWT 2019 Finals.


The actual finals started on day 2 with all 20 of the best Tekken 7 players wanting to bring home the title of TWT 2019 champion. The early round matches were tense and 12 players got eliminated. The eight that remained were Knee, Nobi, Chikurin, Double, Anakin, JDCR, Ulsan, and Lowhigh.

According to fan predictions, the top 8 would include a Pakistani player given the impressive wins that they were able to show during the tournament, but none were able to make it. The rank 1 player of TWT 2019, Knee made his way to the Winner’s Finals, but his fight with Chikurin sent him to the losers bracket. In the Losers Finals, Knee got eliminated by Ulsan making the Grand Finals a face-off between Chikurin and Ulsan.

The Grand Finals had a tense back and forth between Chikurin and Ulsan. In the end, Ulsan failed to get a win and Chikurin finished the tournament with a 3-0 win. Two years in a row, the Tekken World Tour had champions from South Korea. This year, the championship went to Japan.


During the TWT 2019 Finals, the remaining characters of the Season Pass 3 of Tekken 7 had been revealed. Also, the Tekken World Tour 2020 had been confirmed by commentator Rip, which will start in April next year.

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During the Tekken World Tour 2019 Finals, Katsuhiro Harada announced the last characters that are coming to the Season 3 of Tekken 7 as well as other details.